Educational Opportunities on the Peninsula

  • I believe in the transformative powers of education. Every child on the Peninsula should have the equal opportunity and access to quality education. For too long, schools across the Peninsula have not received the financial support, resources and attention they deserve
  • Improving access to high-quality education should be a given.
  • There are many schools on the Peninsula which require additional capital and operational funding for new facilities and maintenance.
  • With an evidence-based approach to policy, I support the principles of teaching, learning and testing to prepare our students for the real world and future jobs.
  • I support needs-based funding for schools and ‘general capabilities’, enrichment activities. Problem-solving and social skills should be an integral part of the school curriculum.
  • We have wonderful teachers, support staff and school communities across the Peninsula. Families choose to raise their children in our magnificent local community. For too long they have not received the resources, funding and support they need to provide the best possible opportunities in our schools.
  • As a strong Independent I will ensure genuine and measured advocacy to ensure all children on the Peninsula are afforded the opportunities and accessibility to education they deserve

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