Genuine climate action

Climate change is not only real – it is happening. Clean, renewable energy is the future. It will be cheaper, healthier and better for our environment, and effective climate policy is an urgent imperative.

  • The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) explicitly compared the projected impacts of 1.5C degrees and 2C degrees of warming. The report warned that 2C degrees would significantly disrupt civilisation – further intensifying our droughts and bushfires, devastating our coastlines with sea level rise, and pushing some of our unique species into extinction.
  • The IPCC also declared that if we are to limit warming to 1.5C degrees, we must reduce global emissions by 45% by 2030, based on 2010 levels, and reach net zero emissions by 2050. This translates to a reduction of global primary energy from coal by 78% by 2030, based on 2010 levels.
  • This sobering advice calls for wholesale revisions to Australia’s commitment and effort on climate change – including strengthening our targets, and legislating much tougher approval standards for future fossil fuel projects.
  • Australians’ health and well-being is seriously affected by climate change as our population is highly exposed to the impacts of extreme weather, including heat stress and thunderstorm asthma. “[Australia’s climate] policy inaction threatens Australian lives” - Medical Journal of Australia.
  • Australians are fed up with the major parties’ combative, pure politics and soundbites on climate change action. I will always fight for genuine action to reduce emissions across all sectors of our economy. Public investment in new coal-fired power is untenable in Australia, and a measured transition to renewable energy is critical.
  • Uncertainty created by the major parties’ unwillingness to debate constructively and agree on climate and energy policy is impacting business investment, the uptake of renewables, and it is driving up our power prices.
  • Overwhelmingly, there is no public rationale, nor social licence to proceed with Adani’s proposed coal mine. Unlike both the major parties, I strongly oppose Adani’s coal mine.
  • Transparent information is vital for effective government decision making on climate change - we should restore a credible, scientific-based Climate Change Authority.
  • I have always said we have an obligation to meet or exceed our commitment to targets in a constructive and sensible manner. With the support of the Flinders community, I will fight for climate change action for our environment, health, economy and for future generations.

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