Media Release - Save Westernport

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Climate change action and the protection of our environment on the Mornington Peninsula is an absolute priority for the local community across the seat of Flinders.

The Save Westernport group and the local community want to stop the proposed AGL project to build a floating gas import terminal on Westernport Bay. An extension of this project is a 55 km pipeline proposed from Crib Point Jetty.

The process of the facility will mean the discharge into the sea of vast amounts of chilled chlorinated water - the equivalent of 180 Olympic swimming pools a day. The pipeline would cut through internationally significant wetlands and private properties. This project has the potential to cause air, light, noise and water pollution, present fire hazards and risk marine life and aquaculture.

Having worked together with the Save Westernport group I am proud to support decisive action; a formal petition which I will table in the Federal Parliament which calls to stop this development and to protect the Westernport site.

Under the Ramsar Convention there are obligations with regard to the wetland management and protection of Westernport . This formal petition requests the Federal Government of the day to use the avenues available to it to stop this development and protect Westernport Bay.

I will ensure this formal petition gives the local community a powerful voice in Canberra.

The people of Flinders deserve a genuine representative who has experience and commitment to being an effective local member.

For more information please visit my website:

See e-petition here.

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