What I Stand For

My values are in the sensible centre and are at the core of what I stand for.

I’ll always support policies which reflect economic responsibility whilst being socially progressive.

I’ll always support:

  • Those who work hard and have worked hard for their financial independence, who deserve reward for their efforts and to enjoy the fruits of their labours. From the young families, the tradies, teachers, healthcare professionals. And all those who work in and run small businesses to the thousands of seniors and retirees.

  • The best possible childcare, health and education services.

  • A focus and real action on climate change which I believe is especially important for our local environs in this the most beautiful part of Australia. The local community in Flinders know that climate change is not only real – it is happening. Clean renewable energy is the future. Its cheaper, healthier and better for our environment. The sit back and do nothing approach is not in my DNA. Saving Westernport and working with the many wonderful environment groups on the Peninsula will be a priority.

  • A humanitarian approach which is the essence of our compassionate character as Australians, on matters such as refugees.

  • Continue focussed advocacy on gender equality, fair and equitable workplace cultures and equal representation of women in leadership positions.

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